Why America Needs A New Civil Rights Movement

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History of the “Appeal to Heaven” Concept

The early church refused to acknowledge Caesar as the highest sovereign in the universal chain-of-command. Instead, they proclaimed Christ as their true King. Conflict was therefore inevitable and unavoidable. This proclamation turned the whole world upside down.

The Appeal to Heaven Flag was one of the “Independence flags” used by the American colonist’s during the American Revolution commissioned by George Washington.

Our Founding Father understood that an “Appeal to Heaven” was the last resort for any oppressed people when all other form of redress of grievances has been exhausted. They took the slogan after they had realized that years of appeals to the British Government to address their issues had fallen upon deaf ears.

The Declaration of Independence made it known to the King of England that they were going over his head to the King of Kings.

Following the American Civil War, Congress passed a law called the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which guaranteed that the newly freed slaves would have rights equal to those of white citizens. In 1868 Congress passed and the states ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and its Equal Protection Clause which forbids state government from denying any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws.” During Martin Luther Kings civil rights movement of the 1960’s, even though these rights of equality were legally (constitutionally) protected, these rights existed only on paper (both in the Bible, implicitly, and in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution explicitly), they were not being respected in practice by the civil authorities in the South. As a result, opposition, legal action and social unrest ensued as the grassroots people, recognizing that their fellow man (the civil authorities) were guilty of illegally, immorally and unconstitutionally suppressing these God-given and constitutionally protected rights, and demanded that the unrighteous oppression come to an end.

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About “Appealing to Heaven”

America is once again in the midst of a serious political, social, moral and political crisis. Nearly every right given to us by God and legally protected by the Constitution has been usurped (illegally taken) from us. First and foremost, this includes the freedom of religion. The First Amendment to the Constitution legally protects this divine right to pray and FOREVER FORBIDS the Federal Government from ever infringing on it: “Congress shall make no law… prohibiting the free exercise of religion.” Therefore, when the Supreme Court began to ban prayer and the reading of the Bible in the schools, they violated both a God-given and constitutionally protected right. The Supreme Court has and continues to violate both divine and constitutional law. This is an act of tyranny.

The situation appears to be so grave that the American people need to once again ask ourselves: “Have we now forgotten this powerful friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?”

It is for these reasons that the we have adopted the “Appeal to Heaven” symbol and slogan for the next civil rights movement. This “Appeal to Heaven” movement requires that the grassroots people rise-up and cast off the yoke of our oppressors. We must DEMAND that the civil authorities cease and desist from suppressing, or denying, our God-given and constitutionally protected rights through unjust laws, unjust rulings, or by using government force to execute these unlawful edicts.

Author Biography

Dr. John D. Diamond is the Founder and Director of Peacemakers Outreach. He holds a Masters in Theology and a Doctorate in Christian Education. In January 2013 he created the first American Citizenship School which led to the forming of the American Christian Leadership Alliance (ACLA). In 2008 he had a brief run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio’s 15th district. He has served as the Director of Discipleship at Bible Community Church in Columbus, Ohio and is presently serving as an outreach minister with the Corry Alliance Church in Corry, Pennsylvania. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has served as union steward for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Works (IBEW) Local 1466. He is also currently serving as the Eastern States Regional Chairman of the Constitution Party.

In the election of 2016 Donald Trump rode to the election on the theme Make America Great Again.. Although this phrase was noble and eye-catching the truth is that neither Donald Trump nor any political party is the solution to America’s problem.

John Diamond has been a consistent voice for the need of America returning to her biblical roots as the solution. America is in a Spiritual crisis and there is no political solution to a Spiritual problem. In his book, An Appeal to Heaven, my friend John shows that the only way to Make America Great Again is by returning to our Spiritual roots and rebuilding the Spiritual foundation of this once great Christian nation. “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?” (Ps. 11:3)

- Coach Dave Daubenmire

Dr. John Diamond, in his new book Appealing to Heaven, accessibly explains what every American churchgoer needs to hear: We are locked in a spiritual lawsuit. We must stop appealing to man. It’s time for the church to petition the sovereign judge of the universe. He will hear our cry. Appealing to Heaven is an excellent biblical solution for the restoration of biblical government.

- Dran Reese

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

― Samuel Adams

Our Prayer

“Vindicate us Lord, and plead our cause against an ungodly nation. Get justice for us from our adversaries. Deliver us from deceitful and unjust men. Cause them to fall into the pit that they have dug for the righteous. Grant to Your servants that we may speak Your word with all boldness. Give us the nations for our inheritance, and the ends of the earth for our possession.”

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