The 2016 Presidential Election: Open Letter to the Christian Church

The 2016 Presidential Election: Open Letter to the Christian Church

As another presidential election cycle has passed, it is time for all involved to assess the political situation. As I watched events unfold over the last 6 months, the LORD impressed upon me that this election was not driven by faith, but rather by fear. USA Today wrote a piece on November 10, 2016 titled White evangelicals just elected a thrice-married blasphemer: What that means for the religious right.

He has been married three times, said lewd things, berated the beloved Bush family and offended women and Latinos, but conservative Christians helped send Donald Trump to the White House anyway. Four out of five white evangelicals voted for the Republican nominee, according to exit polls. How did people of faith reconcile the teaching of Christ with the tough rhetoric of the reality star and real estate mogul? For many, it came down to a few major issues, such as abortion and Supreme Court appointments.

This article clearly explains why many evangelicals voted for Trump. Nearly every Christian leader whom I respect and follow flooded my inbox with emails passionately encouraging me to vote, saying that this election is not about the President, but rather about the makeup of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) for many years to come. And that if we have any hope of restoring the moral foundations of this nation, we need Republican nominated Supreme Court justices to reverse the downward moral fall of this nation and end the infant genocide (abortion). American political / judicial history shows this to be a farce. Consider the facts.

In 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court voted overwhelmingly to legalize infant genocide in the United States. The final vote was 7 to 2. The majority of the votes to legalize abortion were cast by Republican appointed Justices. Below is a list of those Justices (along with the political party President who appointed them) who voted for abortion and who voted against it.

Majority (legalized abortion)

  • Harry Blackmun – Nixon (R)*
  • Warren E. Burger – Nixon (R)
  • William O. Douglas – Roosevelt (D)
  • William J. Brennan – Eisenhower (R)
  • Potter Stewart – Eisenhower (R)
  • Thurgood Marshall – Johnson (D)
  • Lewis Powell – Nixon (R)

*Penned the Supreme Court’s final Majority opinion

Minority (opposed abortion)

  • Byron White – Kennedy (D)
  • William Rehnquist – Nixon (R)

History proves that Roe v. Wade was enacted while six Republican-appointed Justices sat on the bench. Five of them ruled in favor of the legalized slaughter of the unborn. The only substantial challenge to overturn Roe v. Wade came 20 years later in the 1993 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey. By the time that Planned Parenthood v. Casey reached the Supreme Court for a decision, there were no less than eight Republican-appointed Justices sitting on Supreme Court.

  • William Rehnquist – Nixon (R)
  • Harry Blackmun – Nixon (R)
  • John Paul Stevens – Ford (R)
  • Sandra Day O’Connor – Reagan (R)
  • Antonin Scalia – Reagan (R)
  • Anthony Kennedy – Reagan (R)
  • David Souter – George H. W. Bush (R)
  • Clarence Thomas – George H. W. Bush (R)
  • Byron White – Kennedy (D)**

**It is interesting to note that the only Democratic-appointed Supreme Court Justice was Byron White, who originally had voted against Roe v. Wade in 1973.

If the SCOTUS did not overturn Roe v. Wade with 8 Republican-appointed Justices and the other an anti-Roe v. Wade Democrat appointee on the bench, then we would be foolish to believe that any Trump appointed justice will have any success in ending the genocide. The Republican Party has learned to pull out and dust off the Pro-Life rhetoric every election year as they contend for national supremacy against the Democrats. And they know that they cannot win without the pro-life Christian vote supporting them. Yet despite all their promises (lies), they have repeatedly proven that they have no political fortitude to ever end abortion.

When Jesus sought to convey a truth to His followers, He taught them by using parables. He oftentimes began His teachings by saying “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field” (Matt 13:24) or “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed” (Matt 13:31) or “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal till it was all leavened” (Matt 13:33).

Allow me to explain the relationship between the Republican Party and the Christian Church by utilizing this same method of teaching. The relationship between the Republican Party and the Christian Church is like a woman who came home and found her husband committing adultery with another woman. The man says that he is sorry and pledges his undying love and commitment to his wife and promises to never let it happen again. Three months later, the same situation repeats itself with the man reaffirming his love and commitment and another promise to never let it happen again. Every 3 months for five years the situation repeats itself. At what point do you think that the woman should conclude that the man is not truthful or sincere about his repeated promises of faithfulness? At some point, she would have to understand that she is simply gullible and being “played.” This man has no intentions of being faithful to his marriage promises.

This parable reflects the situation that the Christian Church finds itself in with the Republican Party. Every four-year election cycle, the Republican Party comes to the Christian Church with its undying support for the same moral and constitutional issues that are near and dear to our hearts. When the only thing that they want is our money and votes. Once elected to office (even with a majority), their promises go unfulfilled. At some point, you would think that Christian leaders would have to understand that we are simply gullible and being “played.” Case in point.

In 2008, I had a brief run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio’s 15th district. I attended the Republican nominating convention seeking the Party’s nomination as the only 100% Pro-Life, 100% Pro-Traditional Marriage, 100% Pro-Gun Rights, 100% Constitution, 100% Religious Liberty candidate.  My opponent was Steve Stivers. When he got up to request the Party’s nomination, the very first words out of his mouth were: “I am not here to champion any moral cause.”  In other words, abortion, traditional marriage and religious liberty were not causes that he would be championing. Yet, when the Christian Coalition voter guides were published, he was clearly listed as the Pro-life candidate.

Every election cycle, we are peppered with Christian voter guides telling us that there are only ever two candidates to consider, Republican and Democrat, and that electing the Republican is the only hope that we have of ending infant human genocide. And every election cycle we are no closer to ending this abomination. It appears that some pro-life groups even appear to be nothing more than Republican Party surrogates created to garnish support for the Republican Candidates.

Make no doubt about it; Indiana Governor Mike Pence was selected as the Vice-presidential nominee for the same reason that Indiana Senator Dan Quayle was selected as George H. W. Bush running mate. The Trump campaign understood that it needed the Evangelical vote in order to win this election. Over 80% of evangelical Christians voted for Republican candidates. The Christian church has just single-handedly handed sole power of the Federal Government to the Republican Party. Now it is time for them to put their money where their mouth is – and this time Christians will be watching. No longer will we allow their election year rhetoric, empty lies and promises to go unfulfilled. If the Republican Party does not end abortion and restore religious liberty (and I suspect that they will not) then as it was prior to the Civil War, the Christian church will need to end its adulterous affair with the Republican and back a third party who will. We may have won the battle, but we certainly have not won the war. For the Christian Church, the real fight starts now!

It is my fervent prayer that the Trump administration follows through with all of his campaign promises. Up to now, he seems to be a man of his word. Even if he fully intends to keep his promises, he still has a plethora of bureaucrats and out-of-control judges to contend with. In the meantime, now that the 2016 election is behind us, let those of us who oppose the systematic legalized genocide of the unborn and support the Constitutionally protected blessing of religious liberty understand, that waiting on either the Republican Party or the SCOTUS to reverse Roe v. Wade may be an unrealistic fantasy. Once we have reached this consensus, then, and only then, will we begin looking for the only biblical solution for restoring legitimate government: An Appeal to Heaven.